If you have issues receiving SMSes (e.g. OTPs) through the Sender ID, check out the following FAQ to troubleshoot.

SMS from government?
Check that it’s

From 1 July 2024, is the Sender ID the government uses to send SMSes.

Hand with phone with the new consolidated sender ID Pulse animation effect

Many agencies, one sender ID

Recognising government SMSes is now easier.

All government agencies, ministries, statutory boards, and services now send SMSes from the Sender ID.

Using a single, secure Sender ID will make it easier for the public to identify authentic government SMSes, and help protect against anyone pretending to be a government officer or agency.

The SMS Sender ID is protected, and only government agencies are able to use it. So if you receive a SMS, you know for sure it’s from the government.

Examples of current sender IDs and spoof sender IDs

How to identify government SMSes with

A SMS will have all 4 of these indicators. If even one of them is missing, or you suspect an SMS may not be authentic, please report it immediately using this form.

The Sender ID is  with all letters in lowercase.

Phone with sender ID

The SMS begins with the full name of the agency or service that sent it.

SMS mock up with the government agency name

The SMS ends with this signature. It means you should not reply to the message.

SMS mock up with the footer

SMSes from are grouped into a single conversation, even if they are from different agencies.

Mock up of 2 messages in the thread

Limited exceptions will be made for National Service matters and emergency services. Read more about the exceptions.

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How it works

Securing the SMS Sender ID is a restricted SMS Sender ID, and can be used only by the Singapore Government and its agencies to send SMSes.

Telecom operators like Singtel, StarHub, and M1 are assisting by blocking any Sender IDs that try to look like , to make sure only government systems can use it to send SMSes.

Spotted a suspicious message?

Report it immediately

Stay alert to scams by always checking SMS Sender IDs and message contents carefully. Report any suspicious SMSes you see using the form below and help keep our communication networks secure.

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